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Ana Eskenasy

Bring More Purpose Into Your Life & Work

If you're here you're probably a high achiever who works in corporate or a business owner and you're ready to bring more meaning and purpose into your life and work, for you and your team. That's my specialty. I help achievers like you, BECOME YOUR BEST SELF and have more PURPOSE + STRATEGY + FOCUS through corporate talks, workshops and my Purpose-Driven 1:1 coaching program.
Why? For one reason: Your


A strategy to win in life and work!
Hello & Welcome! I'm

Ana Eskenasy

Speaker. Life & Executive Coach. Founder

Hi, I'm Ana Eskenasy! I'm a corporate transformational speaker, certified life & executive coach, and founder of The Purpose Strategy. I worked in corporate for 10 years, for Procter & Gamble & Kellogg Company and then left the corporate world to start my own business: a travel game for kids. I thought that having my own business would give me more meaning and the work-life balance I was looking for; but I found out the hard way that I was looking in the wrong place.

Meaning, fulfillment & balance come from within:

They come from being Purpose-Driven

Now, I give talks, workshops & coach high achievers like you, who work for companies like Google, Twitter, Walmart, Mastercard, Scotiabank and smaller companies to gain clarity on what they truly want, become their best selves and be purpose-driven. So that you can thrive in all areas of your life and bring more meaning and fulfillment into your life & work.

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Become Purpose-Driven

My definition of being PURPOSE-DRIVEN
is to wake up every day feeling #FULFILLED, excited about your life & how you contribute to others.

Signature Corporate Talks

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Motivate your team to be Purpose-Driven, create and surpass their life goals and have more ownership at work. 

I've given corporate talks and workshops at Google, Walmart and many international companies with outstanding results, and would love to give a talk at your company and motivate your team to become their best selves.

By focusing on Mindset, Purpose and Strategy, I help high achievers become their best selves so that they can bring out their best work, live their best lives and feel fulfilled. My methodology encourages people to live their purpose and have more fulfilment.

What People Are Saying

owen oliva walmart.png

Owen Oliva

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"Thank you Ana for an extraordinary talk on the power of becoming our best version and connecting with what we seek in life. A simple and powerful concept that caused a very positive impact on our team. Ana's ability to lead the large group of +700 people during her key note at Walmart's end of year event, shows her high knowledge of the subject, passion and empathy. You leave us very inspired to be our best version!!"
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Marily Mitropoulou

google logo.png
"One of the best workshops we ever attended at Google! Thank you for all the insights and guidance! It was much needed and it inspired us to take everything to the next level."
Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 14.52.11.png

Tamara Hamdan

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"Thank you Ana for an amazing, enriching experience! It allowed us to disconnect to reconnect with our purpose. You delivery is on point. It was an absolute pleasure having you at Google!"
Andreina White nutriwhite.png

Andreina White

nutriwhite logo.png
"The purpose workshop was very powerful and motivating. Up to now, the results we've obtained through the dynamics of the workshop are impressive. We started the year with motivated employees, clear on their vision and with their objectives aligned to our company's purpose. This will help us reach our goals more effectively. Thank you Ana for everything you shared."

Book an Intro Meeting

Book a meeting so that we can discuss your specific needs for either yourself or your company and personalize any of our programs to reach your goals: Motivational Talks, Team Workshops and/or 1:1 Executive Coaching Program.

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